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Hotel rooms

There are only few rooms left in Karlskrona for the period of the BALEX DELTA 2018 (as of 17 August 2018). Those who haven’t done their travel arrangements yet should do so as soon as possible. We suggest using hotel booking websites. Another alternative is Ronneby, located 30 km from Karlskrona.

Airport transfer Ronneby:

Due to limited capacity, we recommend to arrange your transfer from the airport to Karlskrona in advance. Options are by taxi, bus (Bergkvara Bus, stops in front of Scandic Hotel) and car rental. More information on the Ronneby airport website.

Arrival by train

The Karlskrona railway station (#12 on map below) is within walking distance of most hotels and BALEX DELTA event locations (except shore exercise area).

Getting around in Karlskrona

Generally, most locations can be easily accessed by foot from the hotels. Some hotels also provide bicycles for their guests. Taxis are also available (see below).

Taxi companies in Karlskrona

  • Din Taxi, +46 455-177 10
  • Karlskrona Taxi, +46 455-191 00
  • Sverige Taxi, +46 455-122 67
  • Taxi Allians, +46 455-37 53 75
  • Taxi Kurir, +46 455-810 00
  • Zon Taxi, +46 455-230 50 

Information about Karlskrona

For more info about Karlskrona, see

Information centres during BALEX DELTA 2018

Infopoints for exercise participants are located at two places: Hotel Scandic (#1) and the BALEX DELTA tent (#4) in Handelshamnen.


  • Opening ceremony: business attire/daily uniform
  • BBQ/mingle: casual/daily uniform
  • Tuesday excursion: comfortable clothes
  • Field operations: in accordance with the Safety Directive

Map of Karlskrona with key locations


BALEX DELTA timetable


Detailed programme for observers