The BALEX DELTA 2018 exercise will be held on 27–30 August in Karlskrona, Southern Sweden.


In windy conditions, a cargo ship carrying containers with hazardous chemicals hits ground off the coast of Skåne and Blekinge. The collision causes some chemical containers to be lost into the sea, and creates a breach in the hull. Some of the containers are badly damaged and sink, leaking chemicals. The breached hull starts leaking oil, so that before long, a large amount has been released into the surrounding waters. Due to harsh weather, the oil and some of the containers start drifting towards the shore.

Within 24 hours of the accident, some containers have reached the shore, together with the oil. On the rocky shore area, some containers are damaged and may leak hazardous or noxious substances.

A large part of the shoreline is classified as environmentally important (Natura2000 areas, sea bird sanctuaries), and is composed of rocky areas and small cliffs. Other socio-economic values are also threatened, such as a large paper mill.

Response action

The exercise will cover several different elements, such as combating/handling both chemical and oil at sea as well as onshore response. An alarm exercise, including pre-exercise, will also be conducted within the project.

Exercise timetable


More information e.g. on participating vessels will be added when available.