Interview: Per Drysén, Municipality of Olofsström Crisis and Preparedness Coordinator

Per Drysén
Municipality of Olofsström,
Crisis and Preparedness Coordinator

What will you be doing in BALEX DELTA?
In a real world operation I’m responsible of presenting how the crisis
might evolve and the possible scenarios that we need to take into account. This is a big challenge – to predict how the situation might unfold and change, and plan accordingly for the next steps.

What does it take for a municipality to deal with an oil spill like the one in BALEX DELTA?
A municipality needs to have a general crisis plan with clearly defined channels for intra-agency cooperation. In these kinds of incidents, we normally join the process at a later stage. But to take adequate actions, we need to get things going on early, such as preparations for cleaning up the affected shores. At shore, staffing the cleaning teams is important, together with the neighbouring municipalities. We also need to keep track of all costs in order to claim reimbursement.

What is most important to complete the mission?
Knowledge, awareness and experience. As simple and complex as that.