Camilla Mörn: “Registration for the observers program is open”

Project update by Camilla Mörn, responsible for the observers programme:

Exercising and developing skills is of vital importance for strengthening our ability to battle oil and chemical spills both on shore and at sea. However, it is also of great essence to disseminate knowledge and lessons learned to a wider group of stakeholders.

As the exercise receives funding from the DG ECHO programme, an extensive observer programme is being organized, in order to ensure that the Baltic best practices are spread more widely and to a greater number of recipients. Within the observer programme, observers from eligible countries will be invited to witness the exercise, in addition to the Baltic Sea community that regularly takes part.

The goal of the observers programme is to provide observers and invited visitors with a broader understanding of HELCOM RESPONSE activities and of the exercise, as well as of challenges and future development of oil spill response. The observers programme will include a visit to the at-sea exercise in order to observe operations at close hand, a series of presentations and lectures outlining current trends and obstacles in dealing with oil and chemical incidents, as well as social events.

In order to get the greatest possible benefit from participating in the programme, it is recommended that the nominees have knowledge about marine pollution incidents involving at-sea and onshore response.

The registration process for the observers program has been opened with an invitation by DG ECHO to eligible countries.

Camilla Mörn, responsible for the observers programme
Camilla Mörn, responsible for the observers programme