Stig Wahlström: “Keep up the good mood and lower your shoulders”

Project update by Stig Wahlström, project manager for SCOPE 2017:

The goal of the SCOPE 2017 exercise was to increase and improve cooperation and coordination between national and international forces in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, and Germany within the framework of the Copenhagen and Bonn Agreements.

The hardest thing during the exercise was to make sure that the scenario went according to the overall plan, and that everything that went on around the exercise happened the way we intended. This was important in order to prevent too much waiting time between the different scenarios and for the participants. During a full-scale exercise, there may be a lot of waiting.

It was also a challenge to arrange an interesting program for the observers. There was a lot to show the observers, with all the sub-scenarios in different geographical areas.

Throughout the project, I had a fantastic project team with me, following up on details in the planning work. It was my responsibility to ensure that they were able to carry out their parts of the project.

The advice I want to give to the BALEX DELTA 2018 team is to spend a lot of time on planning. You do not need to limit the scenarios, but make sure to use the time allocated to the scenario during the exercise. My main message to the team is: Keep up the good mood and lower your shoulders.

Stig Wahlström, project manager for SCOPE 2017
Stig Wahlström, project manager for SCOPE 2017