Jonas Holmstrand: “The actual planning for the exercise is part of the exercise”

Project update by Jonas Holmstrand, responsible for the exercise at sea:

This BALEX DELTA exercise is extremely important. The Swedish Coast Guard does a lot of co-exercises with other countries every year, but this is the Baltic Sea we are talking about – no country can manage this on their own. Large-scale scenarios require collaboration, and that’s why its so important that we are practicing, so that we can reach our full potential together.

We need to practice cooperation with other countries as well as with county administrative boards. There are many features that need to be rehearsed during these days. One can say that the actual planning for the exercise is part of the exercise. And I think that everyone who participates in the exercise will feel safer in their work role afterwards: “now I know what is expected of me in a sharp situation”.

My wish is that after the exercise we will say: This has been a great experience. And hopefully, in the future, we can share technical resources and knowledge between the countries.

Jonas Holmstrand, Swedish Coast Guard
Jonas Holmstrand, Swedish Coast Guard